No Milo at UCB! Hate Speech is Not Free Speech!

No Space for Racism/
Transphobia/Fascism on Campus!

No Milo Yiannopoulos!

Hate Speech is Not Free Speech!

No Ban, No Wall, Sanctuary for All!

No Hate, No Fear, Refugees Are Welcome Here!


What is scheduled to happen on Feb. 1st?


  • 5pm – 7pm: Gathering of students, workers, faculty and community at the MLK Student Union building @ Bancroft and Telegraph. * The MLK Student Union building will close for the day at 4pm.


  • 6pm: Queer and Trans Dance Party @ Sproul Plaza.*organized through Facebook by an allied group.


  • 7pm: doors open for the Milo event.


  • 8pm: Milo’s event is scheduled to begin.


What is our intent?


We are here to protest the presence of Milo in our campus, which is a public university, and we believe that no hate speech, racism, misogyny and transphobia should be tolerated here.

Hate Speech is Not Free Speech!

We are not here to engage in physical confrontation or violence with the police, nor the far-right/neo-nazi groups.

We will protect each other to ensure our democratic right to protest and our safety.

Whose University? Our University!


Safety Tips



  • Stay with the student/community contingent that is there to protest and do not engage with confrontation. If you desire to engage in confrontation, do not do it in a way that would put the safety of others at risk.


  • Come with a buddy and/or a small group you know and trust and stick together; if you become separated, designate a meet-up point and make sure you have each others’ contact info.
  • Milo events often include provocateurs who try to harass people; we recommend not engaging them, even verbally; if you’re in a space where someone is making you feel unsafe move away from them and tell others. around you what’s going on so they know to be careful.
  • Do not leave the protest alone, leave in groups (5 or more ideal) until you are far away from campus, make sure you are not followed and then disperse.
  • Medics: As a precaution, there will be street medics on hand to assist in case of panic or injury; they will be wearing red armbands and you can flag them down if you need help.
  • If there’s an emergency medical situation, call the local medical dispatch center directly, as it’s typically much faster than calling the police: (510) 444-1616.


Legal Tips


  • There will be many trained Legal Observers on hand who will help document things like provocateurs or police harassing people, and you can identify them by their bright green hats.
  • While we don’t anticipate arrests, in case people are arrested, the National Lawyer’s Guild will have a hotline set up that people can call: (415) 285-1011.


Berkeley Against Trump Coalition (formerly J20 Coalition):

Flyer Version of this post here.


February 1: No “alt-right” hate at Berkeley

On February 1, “alt-right” (white supremacist) professional harasser Milo Yiannopoulos is scheduled to speak in the Pauley Ballroom at UC Berkeley. When he spoke at the University of Washington on January 20, one of his supporters shot somebody. When he tried to speak at UC Davis, though, protest shut him down. Don’t let white supremacists and neo-Nazis use Berkeley’s campus as a space to organize: join us in unwelcoming Milo to Berkeley.

6pm Wednesday, February 1 – Pauley Ballroom


J20 Rally and March

On January 20, thousands of students, faculty, staff and community members at Berkeley will join a nationwide strike to resist Trump and the oppression, exploitation and violence for which he stands. As Trump is inaugurated, we will skip work and school to labor instead for our vision of a liberated university and a better world.
We want a free, public, democratic and just system of higher education, which requires racial justice, religious freedom, full equality for women, transgender and all LGBTQQIA people, full rights for formerly incarcerated and undocumented people and for all immigrants and refugees, just working conditions for all University employees, and the allocation of university and state resources according to the principles of justice, equality, and transparency.
Friday, January 20:
Teach-ins 8am-12pm
Rally @ Sproul Plaza 12pm, followed by march